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Over the years here at SARCAN, we have put together quite a collection of recycling guides, information packets, posters, templates, and more! Whether you are handing out information to your tenants on what to put in your condo recycling bins, looking to get a bit more info, or you are a retailer looking to register a new beverage container – SARCAN is resource ready!


Order Recycling Bins

Level up the recycling game at your school, business, workspace, or event center with these free recycling bins (and don’t forget to scroll down to our Downloadable Resources section and grab a few posters to go with them!)

After we receive your order, we will ship your bins to the SARCAN depot you choose on their next supply trailer (shipping times vary). The depot team will contact you once they are ready for pickup!

Downloadable Resources

If you are new to SARCAN, English isn’t your first language, or maybe you are just looking to learn more about what we accept and want to share some SARCAN information with your group or residents – then download our Digital Info Sheets today! All of the wonderful tips and tricks for recycling with SARCAN at your fingertips and available in 9 languages!

Translations provided by Saskatoon Open Door Society.
Don’t see your language? Let us know by emailing

Beverage Container Recycling – Digital Info Sheet
Paint Recycling – Digital Info Sheet
Electronics Recycling – Digital Info Sheet
Battery Recycling – Digital Info Sheet
Drop & Go – Digital Info Sheet

Bulk & Bottle Drive Return Guidelines
Accepted Containers & Deposit Amounts
Bottle Drive Door Hanger Template
Virtual Bottle Drive FB/IG Post Template
Virtual Bottle Drive FB Cover Template
Virtual Bottle Drive Poster Templates

Public Space Recycling Bin Poster – All Containers
Public Space Recycling Bin Poster – Aluminum Containers
Public Space Recycling Bin Poster – Plastic Bottles
Public Space Recycling Bin Poster – Cartons
Public Space Recycling Bin Poster – Glass Containers
Public Space Recycling Bin Poster – All Posters Pack
‘Recycle Here’ Poster – all container types
‘Recycle Here’ Poster – aluminum containers
‘Recycle Here’ Poster – Plastic containers
‘Recycle Here’ Poster – box & carton containers

School Waste Audit How-To Guide
School Recycling Set-Up Guide
School Green Team Set-Up Guide

2023 Environmental Sustainability Report
SARCAN Overview – 2022/2023