Over 35 years ago, SARCAN Recycling was created.

From plywood counters and dirt floors to state-of-the-art facilities featuring industry-leading technology, SARCAN has grown and progressed incredibly over the three and a half decades of our operations, continually expanding and refining our services.

Find out more about where we started and what we stand for.


Our mandate is not only to provide a socially responsible and environmentally progressive recycling system, but also to continue to build upon and grow that system in order to help foster the sustainable development of communities across Saskatchewan.

SARCAN is the recycling division of SARC, the province-wide association that provides services to community-based organizations that support people experiencing disability. We work in contract with the Government of Saskatchewan to recycle beverage containers bought in the province, household paint, end-of-useful-life electronics, household batteries, and (in select locations) non-beverage glass containers.

3 Pillars

Social Responsibility

We strive to ensure that each person in Saskatchewan has easy access to an efficient, reliable, top-of-the-line recycling system. We are continually reviewing and adjusting our operational procedures to offer this system because the more we can help the people of Saskatchewan recycle, the more we can protect our natural environment.

Environmental Sustainability

Recycling is a vital step towards enhancing and preserving our natural environment, not only for us but for future generations as well. Through our recycling operations we conserve resources and help Saskatchewan residents live more environmentally sustainable lives.

Community Building

What good is an environment without strong communities within it? Not a very fun one! That’s what we think, anyways. SARCAN is committed to helping build our  communities through supports such as free event bin rentals, school recycling programs, and recycling partnerships with municipalities, among many others.

About SARC

You keep saying ‘SARC’…what, uh…what is that?

– you, probably.

Excellent question and we are happy that you asked!

SARC is a provincial association of approximately 100 community-based organizations, dedicated to supporting people within their community to live life to their full potential. They provide services to nonprofit organizations to expand their potential and support the work they do within their communities.

SARC has over five decades of experience in supporting nonprofits in the areas of training, consulting, services, and leadership. With a membership of approximately 100 community-based organizations, we are committed to providing quality services and training opportunities to our members and beyond.

SARC’s Vision

Persons of all abilities reaching their full potential and enjoying full citizenship.

SARC’s Mission

To provide vision, leadership, and support through advocacy, education and the development of personal and employment opportunities.

Head over to SARC’s website if you would like to learn more!


Put simply: SARCAN is the recycling division of SARC. Through SARC, SARCAN works in contract with the Government of Saskatchewan to recycle the beverage containers that were
bought in the province.

But, there is quite a bit more to it than that.

SARCAN came into being in 1988 when the provincial government was tasked with implementing a beverage container recycling system in Saskatchewan. Having been established 20 years prior and with partners in many communities, SARC was awarded the exclusive contract with the government to provide this system.

In that inaugural year, 32 SARCAN depots were set up throughout the province in partnership with SARC’s Member Agencies to recycle aluminum cans. These were typically counted on hand-made plywood counters, flattened (if they were flattened at all) by a rudimentary one-at-a-time flattener, and transported by classic ol’ half-ton truck.

Over the 30 plus years since those original depots opened their doors, SARC and SARCAN have been working to make our process better and better to not only make us leaders in Saskatchewan, but also leaders in the recycling industry across Canada. SARCAN is now one of the most efficient, successful recycling systems in the country.

Today, there are 73 depots in Saskatchewan, 2 processing plants, and 1 administrative office, employing people of all abilities. Over 900 of them in fact, making SARCAN one of the largest affirmative employers in Canada.

Our Commitment to Truth & Reconciliation

SARC and SARCAN Recycling understand that the land on which we work, play, and build our communities is an integral part of our lives and culture. This land carries with it deep and rich histories that are not something to look back on, but rather, knowledge to be carried with us as we move forward towards our future together.

While acknowledging these lands is only one step of many that SARC and SARCAN Recycling are committed to taking, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge that the land on which we operate our business is on Treaty 2, Treaty 4, Treaty 5, Treaty 6, and Treaty 10 territory.

SARC and SARCAN Recycling pay our respects to the many First Nations whose traditional lands encompass these Treaty Lands, including the Cree, Saulteaux, Assiniboine, Anishanabek, Dene, and Dakota as well as the traditional Homeland of the Metis people.

Treaty 2

Land Acknowledgment

SARCAN in Treaty 2


Treaty 4

Land Acknowledgment

SARCAN in Treaty 4


Treaty 5

Land Acknowledgment

SARCAN in Treaty 5


Treaty 6

Land Acknowledgment

SARCAN in Treaty 6


Treaty 8

Land Acknowlegdement

SARCAN in Treaty 8


Treaty 10

Land Acknowlegdement

SARCAN in Treaty 10