SARCAN’s Impact is Massive!

Over the course of our 35 year history, SARCAN has recycled over 10 BILLION containers! The impact of capturing those resources, keeping them out of Saskatchewan’s landfills, and using those resources in the manufacturing cycle to make new products we use every day is enormous.

Oh, and there is also the impact that we have on job creation, our employees, and the communities that we serve.

Environmental Stats

We’ve all been told since we were young that recycling is important and most of us will do it just out of habit. Still, the question gets asked: “What is the impact that recycling has on our environment? Is it really that big of a deal?”

Turns out: yes, it is a big deal! Recycling conserves resources, saves energy, offsets greenhouse gas emissions, grows the economy, and more. You can read more about those benefits here.

Below, we have some of our own statistics that show just how big of an impact recycling at SARCAN really has.

Our People

We may be biased, but we think that we have the BEST employees out there. They are the cornerstone of our business.

We have an incredibly diverse team filled with people of all abilities and backgrounds. With over 900 employees across Saskatchewan, SARCAN Recycling is one of Canada’s leading inclusive employers.

We care deeply about our employees and strive to ensure that they feel welcome, supported, and valued as members of our team. We provide as much training as we possibly can, continually evaluating and revising our training modules to give our employees the best, most up-to-date knowledge and information so that they can feel confident in the workplace.

And it doesn’t stop there. We also provide a very large suite of personal development training courses such as financial literacy, digital skills, inclusivity practices, and more!

Sustainability Report

Are you as ungodly nerdy as we are? Cool! Then you are going to love this!

Each and every year, we at SARCAN review our operation with a fine-tooth comb and collect data in different categories to judge our success and how well we are doing to hit our mission and mandates.

Push those glasses up, turn off Star Trek, and get ready to dive into SARCAN’s Report on Environmental Sustainability!