Now Recycling at a SARCAN Near You!

Get ready for the glitz and glamour of glorious recycling as you check out these SARCAN box-office blockbusters that tell the tale of how recycling with SARCAN can save the day!


Frankly, my dear, Drop & Go is easy.

No matter where she found herself – going out to eat, picking up some groceries, or just needing to use the loo – Sam stood in a line, step by step inching to the front at a snail’s pace. Until she arrived at SARCAN and discovered Drop & Go – with no line in sight! You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen in this scintillating story of Sam setting up her account in seconds and using Drop & Go to escape her life of lines!

"I'll never see lineups the same...especially now that I know about SARCAN Drop & Go!"

- Ryan Recycler

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Out of the Blue: A Bins Out Mystery

This time, someone really blue it.

In a world of rising living costs and extra expenses, money doesn’t come out of the blue. So, when beverage containers worth up to .40 cents apiece are discovered in the wrong bin, this houseful of friends turns into a frenzy of foes as each one attempts to find out who has been putting SARCAN containers in the wrong bin. Watch the mystery unfold in this twisted tale of bottles, bins, and betrayal! Will you be able to uncover who really ‘blue’ it!?

"When I saw how much they were missing out on!? I'll be keeping my containers out of the blue from now on!"

- Penny Pincher

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Ghosts in the Garage

I see...dead batteries.

To Grace, it seemed like the right answer. Leftover paint from preparing the nursery? Just set it in the garage. The old DVD player Janey tried to “watch” a waffle with? To the garage it goes. All the dead batteries from their many gizmos and gadgets? There’s a jar in the garage for those, too. But, before long, their house was haunted by these old horrors, and it seemed like hope had run out. Tune in to this terrifying tale to see if they can send their old paint, electronics, and batteries to the recycling realm with the help of SARCAN before their space is taken over by the Ghosts in the Garage!

"It gave me shivers thinking of all the paint, electronics, and batteries in my garage. I better get them to SARCAN!”"

- Harry Hoarder

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Step Up 2: The Depot

Nobody puts bottles in the corner.

When their studio starts falling apart just weeks before their big show, the CanCans dance group feels hopeless and has nearly given up. That is, until one member stuns the rest of the team with a simple solution to save the day – a SARCAN bottle drive. Watch, from the edge of your seat, as these dancers use the resources available on SARCAN’s website to organize & promote their fundraiser before Can-Canning around town to collect containers and cash in big!

"The bottle drive blockbuster of the year!"

- Roger Recycler & Fran Fundraiser

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