Save your time. Skip the line!

We know that your time is just as valuable as the containers you are bringing in to recycle. If you are running short on time but overflowing with empty beverage containers, or if you only have paint, electronics, or batteries to recycle, then you’ve come to the right page!

Read below about our Fast Drop Services.

Drop & Go

In this day and age with the busy hustle and bustle of life, every second counts…but it takes longer than a second to count your containers. That’s why we created Drop & Go – an account-based service that allows you to stop by your local SARCAN and simply drop your containers off with us so you can go about your day as usual. It’s the quickest and easiest SARCAN experience.

Not only is your SARCAN visit now under 5 minutes, you also have the convenience of digital refund payments through either e-Transfer or PayPal. If digital money isn’t your type of thing, you can choose to come back and pick up a cheque. And with My Drop & Go, anywhere you have access to the internet, you have access to your Drop & Go account.

If this sounds good to you, take a look below at what to expect when using our Drop & Go service.

We realize that if you are interested in saving time by using Drop & Go, you probably don’t have the time to be reading webpages. If you want to skip the reading like you skip the line, then this video is for you!

The first thing you need to do is create your account! Head to on your favourite device and click on ‘Sign Up’ – All you need is a name, email address, and phone number!

You can sign up as an individual or as a Group with a Group Phrase that you can share to allow anyone to donate their recycling to your group! Find out more about Virtual Bottle Drives here.

Turn on notification emails to get updates about your orders and, finally, choose how you want to receive your refund – now you are all set to drop off!

Now that you have your account, it’s time to get your containers ready to drop off! Start by placing all glass in boxes, removing all the lids, and making sure they are clean and empty.

Head to our Hours & Locations page to find out where your local SARCAN depot is and when they are open – some of our locations even have extended hours for Drop & Go for those late night bottle runs!

Be sure to check this page before you visit as occasionally Drop & Go is so popular we run out of space and have to temporarily pause accepting orders. We will post these temporary closures on that page when it does happen.

Find the kiosk in your local SARCAN depot and sign into your account using either your phone number, email address, or the Group Phrase of the Group you want to donate to.

Print off as many tags as you have bags and boxes. After they print, you will also get a receipt – be sure to hang on to this receipt in case you need it!

Only print off as many tags as you plan to drop off during that visit as extra tags will become invalid if not used immediately.

With your tags all printed, peel each tag off individually and stick them to your bags and boxes – 1 tag for each bag and/or box that you are dropping off!

Try and make sure to place your tags on your bags and boxes without wrinkling or folding them and put them in a spot that is easily seen and accessible so that we are able to scan them.

If you did accidentally print off too many tags, stick the extra tags to one of your bags or boxes so that we know we aren’t missing one!

With all your tags firmly stuck on to your bags and boxes all smoothly, you can now drop your containers off!

In some of our depots, there is a cage next to the kiosk where you can place your order. In our depots that have a separate room for Drop & Go, there is a turnstile for your bags and rollers for your glass.

Place your items in one at a time and ensure your bags are tied closed to avoid any containers sneaking out and make sure your boxes are stable to avoid your glass falling out and breaking as it goes down the roller.

After you ‘Go’, one of our Recycling Technicians will take your order and place it into the queue in the order that we received it.

As you can imagine, at some of our locations, our Drop & Go is very popular! Our Recycling Technicians work hard to get you your refund as soon as possible, but occasionally it may take a day or two before we get to your order.

Thank you very much in advance for your patience!

Once your order has made it through the queue, our Recycling Technicians will get to work processing your containers just the same as we do up front!

We count them, sort them, and record the totals – only through Drop & Go, we scan the tags you placed on your bags and boxes to add the refund to your account.

While we know that you will be careful sticking the tags, occasionally they don’t scan and we will count multiple bags of yours under one tag. This is why the number of transactions on your My Drop & Go account may be different than the number of bags and boxes you dropped off.

You can log in to your My Drop & Go account after you have dropped off your order to check on its status.

You will see a list of your past visits and once we have started counting your order, you will see the refund total for the containers that we have counted so far in the ‘Current Activity’ section.

You can then go to the Transactions page of your account to see the history of all of your transactions, including the ones for your active order.

Now that we have completed counting all of your containers, it is finally time for the fun part: getting you your refund!

All of our payment files are sent to our Drop & Go finance department for double-checking to avoid any errors. Once they have checked it, they will finalize the payment and issue it! For PayPal and e-Transfer, you will get an email notification.

For e-Transfer, be sure to turn on auto-deposit through your online or mobile banking so that the refund goes straight into your account! Otherwise, you will need your 9-digit Customer Number to accept the e-Transfer. You can find this on the ‘My Account’ page of My Drop & Go.

If you chose to be paid by cheque, you will need to go back to the depot you dropped off at to pick it up.

Your account information is in your control! Where ever you have access to the internet, you have access to your account information.

Navigate to the ‘My Account’ page on your My Drop & Go account, and click the edit button. We use 2-Factor Authentication to keep your information safe and verify that it is truly you who requested this update.

Once you have been verified, feel free to update your account information, like your name, email, phone number, or even change how you get your payments!

With My Drop & Go, you will also get a close look at the impact that your recycling has had on the environment with your Earth Saver Stats!

You’ll see how much energy your recycling efforts has conserved, how much mass you’ve saved from entering our landfills, and how much greenhouse gas emissions you have avoided just by returning your containers to SARCAN.

You will also get a breakdown of how many total containers you’ve recycled and how much you’ve earned in refunds!

And finally, if you have any issues with your account – can’t log in, can’t update your account information, orders not appearing on your account, etc. – reach out to our Drop & Go Support team!

They are here to help make sure that your Drop & Go recycling experience is the best that it can be and you get every penny of your refund.

You can contact the team by clicking here and choosing ‘Drop & Go’ in the Subject field.

Drop & Donate

Don’t have the time to wait in line at SARCAN or just don’t need the refund, but don’t want your containers to end up in the trash? Then put those containers to good use and help the work of some amazing non-profits throughout Saskatchewan! Now you can make a donation to these organizations quickly and easily with SARCAN Drop & Go!

Simply visit your local SARCAN depot and enter the Group Phrase of the organization you would like to donate to (there are some wonderful choices listed below) into the Drop & Go Kiosk. Follow the on-screen prompts to print tags, stick the tags on the bags and boxes of containers you are donating, and drop them off with us!

Your containers will be counted by our amazing employees and 100% of your deposit refunds will be donated to the charity of choice! Helping out the environment and local organizations? Just another reason why recycling rocks!

Additional Information
Any nonprofits, charities, or other fundraising causes can use SARCAN Drop & Go to host your own year-round Virtual Bottle Drive! Create a Group Account on and then check out our Virtual Bottle Drive page for tips on creating a successful Virtual Bottle Drive.

The charities listed below have been selected by SARCAN Recycling to match the vision and mandate of our organization. If you don’t see an organization listed below, reach out to them directly to see if they have a Drop & Go Group Phrase you can use to donate to them.


Through donations to Telemiracle, the Kinsmen Foundation has the opportunity to improve the quality of life and the independence of hundreds of people every year. Saskatchewan residents are able to access special needs equipment and medical assistance that would otherwise be unattainable. Visit their website.

Donate to Telemiracle by using their Group Phrase: Telemiracle

Cosmopolitan Learning Center

Based in Regina, Sk., The Cosmopolitan Learning Centre serves well over 200 participants each day. The daytime programs are designed with a person-centered approach. The funds that you donate will be used to enhance quality programs in all areas of the center. Programs may include purchasing supplies, helping with costs for the participants to attend community events, or perhaps, supporting the cost of adaptive equipment, which encourages participation. View their website.

Donate to Cosmopolitan Learning Centre by using their Group Phrase: CLC

Interlake Human Resources

Based in Watrous, Sk., Interlake Human Resources Corporation (IHRC) works with people of varying abilities to encourage independence and participation in their communities. We offer a broad range of programs, various vocational and recreational services. Since our inception over 40 years ago, we have been proud contributing members in all aspects of the communities of Watrous, Davidson and Nokomis.

Donate to Interlake Human Resources by using their Group Phrase: Interlake

Kipling Industries

Based in Kipling, Sk., Kipling Industries is a small community-based organization that looks after adults with developmental disabilities; we run a group home, day program, and a supported independent living program. Our philosophy is the belief that persons with disabilities have the same rights as all Canadians to live, work, and enjoy recreational activities in their own community. To this end, the programs Kipling Industries offers are aimed at achieving a safe, healthy, and productive environment in which to promote social interaction, personal development, and the enhancement of self-sufficiency.

Donate to Kipling Industries by using their Group Phrase: Kipling

Multiworks Corporation

Based in Meadow Lake, Sk., Multiworks provides Residential, Day Program, Transportation, Independent Living, and Employment support for adults with disabilities. We are currently in the process of building a new Day Program facility. This new facility will allow greater capacity to support others on a growing wait list. The funds raised will help furnish and equip the new facility. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Donate to Multiworks Corporation by using their Group Phrase: Multiworks

Plus Industries Inc.

Based in Melfort, Sk., Plus Industries Inc. provides services to adults with intellectual challenges in the City of Melfort and surrounding districts. We strive to promote citizenship, Valorization and productivity so that participants can become contributing members of the community. Visit their website.

Donate to Plus Industries Inc. by using their Group Phrase: Bottle Fund

Porcupine Opportunities Program

Based in Porcupine Plain, Sk., POP is a not-for-profit charitable organization that supports and enhances the lives of adults experiencing disabilities. In operation for over 40 years, the agency provides a broad spectrum of vocational, residential, and recreational programming to over 30 participants in northeast Saskatchewan. In supporting POP, you will directly help to enhance and enrich the lives of those individuals participating in POP’s programs.

Donate to Porcupine Opportunites Program by using their Group Phrase: POP

Prince Albert Community Services Centre

Based in Prince Albert, Sk., Since 1986, the Prince Albert Community Service Centre has impacted positively on the lives of Senior Citizens by providing affordable, safe and reliable transportation. This allows Seniors to enjoy contact with family and friends, attend appointments, go shopping and stay included in their community. Your support helps Seniors to remain engaged, connected and actively participating in our community. Your donation stays in Prince Albert to benefit our Senior residents. Visit their website.

Donate to Prince Albert Community Services Centre by using their Group Phrase: Mary

Redvers Activity Centre

Based in Redvers, Sk., Redvers Activity Centre is an Organization that supports adults experiencing developmental disabilities in all areas of their lives. We support people residentially, and vocationally through our Day Program and our Supported Employment Program. We are currently raising money for a new wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Donate to Redvers Activity Centre by using their Group Phrase: RAC


Spread throughout Saskatchewan, SARC is an association of over 90 Member Agencies that support thousands of people across the province experiencing disability to live at home, thrive at work, and be engaged citizens in their community. SARC supports this important work by providing its Members with training, consulting, and other services. By supporting SARC, you are helping organizations across the province to expand their potential and enhance the lives of the many people they serve. Visit their website.

Donate to SARC by using their Group Phrase: SARC

Saskatchewan Environmental Society

Spread throughout the province, the Saskatchewan Environmental Society delivers community education & outreach, undertakes research, and carries out demonstration projects that move use towards sustainability. We have been operating since 1970 on important issues such as: sustainable energy and climate solutions, water protection, biodiversity preservation, and reduction of toxic substances in our environment. Visit their website.

Donate to the Saskatchewan Environmental Society by using their Group Phrase: SES

Harvest Community

Based in Kronau, Sk., Harvest Community Inc. is a non-profit corporation providing services for persons with special needs. Donations to Harvest would be directed to Camp Grizzly, a recreational camp primarily for adults with intellectual disabilities and is situated on beautiful Deschambault Lake. Camp Grizzly offers the unique wilderness experience including swimming, boating, fishing, and nature walks. View their website.

Donate to Harvest Community by using their Group Phrase: Harvest

Valley Action Abilities Inc.

Based in Rosthern, Sk., Valley Action Abilities is a not-for-profit charitable organization that has called Rosthern Saskatchewan home for 50 years. Through our operation of 3 group homes and a Day Program VAA provides residential and individualized program supports for 40 adults experiencing disability. We also operate 2 licenced Childcare Centres, for families in Rosthern and Duck Lake, with the capacity to support up to 80 children. Finally we also operate the local SARCAN Depot, working hard to keep our community green! Help us to help our community! Visit their website.

Donate to Valley Action Abilities Inc. by using their Group Phrase: 2324879

Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop

Based in Weyburn, Sk., Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop provides programs and services to adults experiencing disabilities through their Day Program and Vocational Training Centre. Please visit their website or Facebook page for more details.

Donate to Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop by using their Group Phrase: 3068423411

West Central Abilities

Located in Kindersley, Sk., West Central Abilities works to serve and create opportunities for adults experiencing disabilities to live a rich life full of quality and enjoyment. Visit their website.

Donate to West Central Abilities by using their Group Phrase: WCA

Non-Deposit Drop Off

As we’ve said a few times, SARCAN is so much more than just the beverage containers you get your deposit refund for. We also accept a wide variety of non-deposit items for recycling, like household paint, old electronics, and dead household batteries.

While you won’t get any money for bringing these items to us, recycling them helps create a robust local economy, keeps all of the hazardous materials that make these things up out of our landfills, and puts all those resources back into the manufacturing stream.

Check out our What to Recycle page for more information on what items you can recycle on your next visit to SARCAN!

No need to wait in line to drop these items off either!

If you only have non-deposit items to recycle on your visit to SARCAN, just find one of our wonderful Recycling Technicians and they will be able to direct you to where in your local depot you can drop these items off.

For liability reasons, SARCAN Employees are not able to help unload any of these items from your vehicle. If you have something large that you aren’t able to lift yourself, like a TV or large printer, please bring someone to assist you!